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The temptation to dabble in crypto has ended up becoming just too powerful for many in this second category to overlook. Knowing, however, that you want to take that leap and knowing how to avoid falling flat on your face when you land are two separate things altogether. Fortunately, we are developing new ideas and strategies that make the leap a little less daunting. So why do the non-early adopters eventually take a plunge and what do they expect when they land?

It’s facile! Until it’s not the first lure of investment in cryptocurrency, it seems so simple. It was reported that 77 percent of investors are likely to increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies in 2018 in a recent report by blockchain platform “Waves” Most of these new investors would base their investment decisions on shallow data sources: exchanges of crypto-currency, ICO listings or even social media platforms such as Facebook. It is easy to find the entry points and the top layer of information paints an attractive and open image.Visit our site:

Then, it hits reality. Soon, it’s dawning on the young crypto investor that making good decisions isn’t easy at all, but full of factors to consider. Being good at exploiting cryptocurrency needs a comprehension of a complex jumble of technical and financial overlaps. It begins by trying to find out which currency to buy and only increases in complexity as investors tackle how to purchase it and which platform to use. Not to mention how to trade over several cryptocurrencies or invest in an ICO.

New companies are emerging whose mission is to fill the gap in information. Take for example Future1Coin. Their aim is to provide a forum where not only real-time data is made available but the relevant experts in the field are carefully curated. Future1Coin would create a program whereby experts are financially enabled to discover financial wisdom of high value to guide the investment decisions of the members. Such developments should create an empowering atmosphere in which to make good decisions. They will also offer the opportunity at some point in their journey to ease the “research paralysis” that most new crypto-investors face.

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