Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

When on holiday, whether it’s a family break, a weekend for a couple or a week away for a kid, nothing can beat in the pool beginning the day and doing a few lengths. This sensation is extremely invigorating, and it is no longer limited to the sunnier climates of Spain, Portugal, Italy or further afield, with more and more homes in the UK fitting swimming pools. Even though we are not guaranteed the warm sun like some nations, thanks to the extensive range of swimming pool heaters currently available, if you have a pool you no longer have to worry about it being too cold.this content here.

Most pool heaters can be specifically tailored to suit a particular pool size to ensure that they not only heat the pool effectively, but are also cost-effective. Like with all electrical devices, however, there are limitations to remember (and failure to do so may result in a cold pool).

One of those drawbacks is that the largest heater you can have to get the water in your pool to ideal temperatures, without having to plug it into your property’s main fuse box, is a 3KW heater. Don’t let this put you off though.

The 3KW heaters are suitable for pools up to 12 feet tall and their stainless steel heating elements promise fast heating and long service life.

As well as providing fantastic heat for 12 feet and below pools, a 3KW heater from any of the leading manufacturers will come complete with a Residual Current Device (RCD) and socket, which means that unlike other models it is easy to install and won’t require a professional electrician to install.

If you have a 12-foot pool and want to get a perfect temperature for your morning swimming, then it’s worth noting that you’ll need to employ a skilled and certified electrician to wire the pump to your main fuse box, and you’ll also need a larger pump, such as simple installation pumps with specialized control systems.

Whatever size of the pool you have and whatever swimming pool heaters you pick, you can be sure to get useful for money and a pool that will be the absolute perfect temperature for a soothing, refreshing swim, whether first in the morning, midday during the autumn months or last at night.

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